Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Dr James TantonDr James Tanton

James Tanton (PhD, Princeton 1994, mathematics) is an author, a consultant, and an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America in Washington D.C., currently serving as their Mathematician-at-Large. He has taught mathematics both at university and high-school. James is absolutely committed to promoting effective and joyful mathematics thinking, learning, and doing at all levels of the education spectrum.

James writes books and video courses, advises on curriculum, consults with teachers, and gives demonstration classes and professional development sessions across the globe. He created the MAA’s Curriculum Inspirations project, serves as chair of the Advisory Council for the National Museum of Mathematics in New York, and is a founder of The Global Math Project, an initiative set to transform the entire world’s perception of what mathematics can and should be. Over 6 million students across the planet have taken part in a common joyous piece of mathematics to see classroom mathematics as a portal for human joy, wonder, and delight.

James grew up in Adelaide, Australia, and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dr Leicha BraggDr Leicha Bragg

Leicha Bragg is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University, Melbourne. Her extensive experience in mathematics education incorporates improving mathematics education through innovative and engaging approaches. Dr Bragg has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards, including an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation Award for Teaching Excellence, "For outstanding curriculum and resource development that equips our future mathematics teachers with the confidence, passion and skills they need to support student learning."  Her interest in making mathematics come alive saw her undertake research in implementing mathematics games in the primary classroom. Dr Bragg's current research includes: mathematical reasoning, the creation of rich mathematical tasks through the use of children's literature, social justice and mathematics.

Adam Kruger

Adam Kruger

Scott Rumble

Scott Rumble

Adam Kruger (Head of Mathematics Faculty, Wesley College, Glen Waverley) and Scott Rumble(Senior School Leader, Parkdale Secondary College) have been involved in mathematical professional development for a number of years. Both working in a number of roles from Mathematics Learning Area leaders, Numeracy Leaders, Curriculum Development, Year Level Coordinator, Senior School Leader, to Acting Assistant Principal (Senior School/Curriculum). They have also been Directors of the Casey and Cardinia Mathematics Network. Both believe that teaching and leading with warmth and enthusiasm, looking at the personal interests and strengths of their students is a key to achieving great success. Their interest, experience and expertise in educating students at all levels is reflected in their broad teaching and leadership career. Both are celebrated presenters who work extensively with students, teachers and organisations in areas of leadership, data analysis, numeracy and literacy development, effective feedback strategies, restorative justice practices, accelerated learning, building connections outside the classroom, creative and critical thinking, learning styles, multiple intelligences and cooperative learning.

Adam and Scott have presented on numerous occasions for a range of organisations and school associations with the main focus of developing change in the classroom. Their passion for teaching has been the main driver for developing a range of programs at their college. The student growth that is achieved not only within these programs but in their classrooms is undeniable proof that their hard work and a love of this profession are the building blocks of great success. Adam and Scott have recently began developing a book called “Teach like a STAR” which will be the driving force behind using their popular STAR methodology and approach towards building positive change in the classroom.

Dr Carly Sawatzki

School of Education
Deakin University

Dr Carly Sawatzki is interested in how young people become financially capable within families, communities, and schools. She is rapidly gaining national and international recognition for her ongoing research, which focuses on the design of financial mathematics tasks that reveal how young people think, feel and respond to money-related problems. Through her work in the field, Carly has found that children's financial decisions can be influenced as much by social and cultural factors (values, expectations, emotions and experiences with money) as the formal curriculum. However, well-designed learning experiences that facilitate practice in rational, self-regulated financial problem-solving and decision-making seem to be impactful. Carly has published in prestigious international journals and led curriculum and research consultancies for Australian government agencies. She is regularly engaged by teacher associations, being recognised as a dynamic, thought-provoking presenter who challenges thinking, promotes critical conversation and inspires innovation. Carly writes for The Conversation and EduResearch Matters, and is regularly interviewed by ABC Radio.

Dr Paul Swan

Dr Paul Swan is a mathematics educator who works around Australia and the world, although being based in Western Australia. He is an award winning author, game designer and consultant who works with leaders and teachers to promote the best outcomes for children.

One of his grand children has started Pre-school (Prep) and so he is keenly interested in harnessing the enthusiasm and excitement for learning that she shows.


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